Digital Technology

Hello Class 10 IT Students for 2021,

(Ella, Julie, Lily, Nina, Grace, Valeska, Katelyn, Maite, Indigo, Chloe)

Below is what I provided Class 10 last year. We are not quite up to the Logic Gates section. However, if you can, please attempt that. There is a video to watch and a link  (shown below underlined and in green) to the worksheets that details what you should try. Look through it for the 2 pages that apply to that topic.

This term, we will complete the work we should have done last term.

Those who have not submitted their projects from Term 3, I will expect you to have them ready for me when we come back to school....

For this term, please print out and refer to this guide:  10IT First term worksheets

We will be working through parts of the worksheet as we are able, and when we return to school we will be able to complete the hands on things. 

I expect you to set aside at MOST 1.5 hours a week for DT, and I will assume that will be on a Thursday - when it is timetabled. This does not mean you have to do it on this day - please feel free to make it work for you.

I will provide videos each week and indicate which part we will do. I hope all of you have dominoes at home....