Digital Technology

Hello Class 10 IT Students for 2021,

(Anjani, Erica, Kiera, Matilda, Stephanie, Edyn, Xavier)

We would be completing the following Binary addition problems. As this is IT - use technology to find out how to add binary numbers, and possibly remind yourself how to add decimals as well.... We would have been playing with the circuit boards as well - bit harder to do that at home...

Xavier - if you have access at home - learn one new thing in Garage Band and you will tell me what that was next time we have IT. (maybe even write down the name of what you learnt, or draw the picture of what you saw on the screen, you could also learn how to do a screen shot to show me.)

Tricia (17th July 2021)

Playing With Dominoes - Week 3:

Hi Digital Tech students in week 3,

This week I would like you to try the dominoes circuitry. I hope you have dominoes - or something like them at home - that you can use for this exercise. 

I have included a link to the worksheets we are using this term - you will only need to refer to pages 3 & 4 for this exercise. And I have included the video explanation I provided for last years class. The first 3ish minutes are important, after that, I think I go into specifics about each circuit - in case some of them don't work. 

If you don't have dominoes, you can do this as a thinking exercise, it's just not as fun. There are also apps like Circuit Scramble (for android, there is also a Minecraft version that I have not played with). I don't have a good one for OS yet. There are a variety of options- but nothing that really suits our needs at this stage.

Have a good week!

Tricia (25th July)