Hi all, we are starting a new topic this week, which is trigonometry. Please find some brief notes attached here in addition to some worked video examples. I have also attached a pdf version of the new text book if you would like to download it.

Note: 4C is not using any new mathematics, but applying techniques from 4A and 4B to use in application based problems. If you are getting stuck at all on them, don't worry too much; I am happy to help over the phone or we can address them next week.



4A: 2(left), 3(mid), 4(a c), 6, 7, 11

4B: 2(b e), 3(b e), 4(a e), 5, 7, 8

4C: 1, 2, 3, 6, 8


4A: 4(left), 5(mid), 6(a c), 8, 9, 13

4B: 4(b e), 5(b e), 6(a e), 7, 9, 10

4C: 1, 5, 6, 9, 11

Hi all I hope you are all well. I have attached the assignment for shape and measurement. This was going to be the test but is now a "do-at-home" assessment that I have modified a bit. You can use your text book, cheat sheet and any notes. You are not permitted to work with each other or get help from others.

This is due by the end of Wednesday, the 2nd June.

Send it to me via my email with your name on it please. 

Note: this will be your only task for this week.

Good luck!

Assessment Task