Materials Technology

September 7

Hi Materials Technology crew.  


Hopefully you have had a chance to think about what you might like to make as your major project for this semester. Remember, we won't have a huge amount of time so let's try to keep it reasonably simple and achievable.

For a little bit of inspiration, check out some sample pages from Top Designs, which is a collection of high end VCE work from last year.

Sample Folios


It would be great if you could e-mail me with any ideas and plans. 

I have attached the details for the simple design folio that we discussed last week and made a start on.

You should be able to work through the first few steps and start drawing up some ideas.

If you haven't already; then let's try to get through steps 1-3 this week. Then next week we can focus on some visualisations and drawings. (don't hold back though if you are ready to start designing!

Feel free to e-mail with any questions or if you have any work I can have a look at.