Tuesday, 8th June - Update:

Hello all, please find attached a copy of the finalised Groups.


The plan is that you contact your team-members and organise who argues what. IF however, you are finding this too hard, pease email me, as there is another option that involves each of you just arguing your own arguments. In this way it becomes more a series of speeches, than a team-debate (but given the current circumstances, it is understandable if it's too hard to organise between one another - but I really hope you can!).

Hope all is well for you all. Can't wait to be back in the classroom with your again.




Tuesday 1/6/21

Hello again,

Please find below some new files:


These will give you more information about the debate, as well as the Statement of Intention - which you will need to read now so that you can be prepared to do it in class next week.


I have yet to upload the finalised GROUPS for the debate as I have only heard back from a handful of students. Once a few more students respond, or tomorrow (whichever comes first) – they will be uploaded.


Also, I have changed the proposed date of the Statement of Intention to next Tuesday – meaning that we will have Monday to answer any questions, and for me to give you advice on how to debate, the best techniques to use, and more.


This will also give you Monday to do some more planning with your teammates, and Monday night to complete any more planning for your Statement of Intention – which you will write on Tuesday, not Monday.


In the meantime, any questions – please ask.


And if you can think of any changes to the debate topics to make them fairer/better – please let me hear your thoughts.


Hope all is well at home.





Hi all,

rather than give you a week’s more work on persuasive techniques – let’s get straight into preparing for our debate – with the understanding (hope) that we will be at school next week (Week 8) and the following, to conduct our debates.



Your work this week:


  • Complete writing your list of Techniques (if not finished already).

  • Research and prepare for your debate!



Please download, read and complete the following tasks to be ready for the debate:


Keep checking in for uploads and updates.

If any questions please fire away: jkirov@lyss.vic.edu.au 


UPDATE 1.00 Monday:

Here are some articles on transgender issues in sport:

> Transgender in Sport - articles.pdf

NEW: Rita Panahi is a journalist for the Herald-Sun who has a lot of 'opinions' abiout Trans issues and sport. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/rita-panahi 

login: jake@jakekirov.com

password: heraldscum

Press Command+F and type 'Trans' to shortcut to the articles she has written on trans and sport.