Monday: July 26

Hi all, back to school Wednesday! With that in mind, and given that Chapter 1 was a big one (and which you may still be completing) I am going to only give you questions for Chapter 2.

Please bring all of your finished questions for Chapters 1 and 2 and Biography and Context work from last week to show me. And be ready to start debating on Friday!

Friday, July 23

Hi all, please download and read the 'Introduction' file first, and then the Chapter 1 Questions. There is a whole Chapter of questions here - so you don't need to get it all done today.

I have also supplied a PDF copy of The Outsiders. This may be useful even if you have your book with you, because you can search for "keywords" for any of the questions I have used a quote or keyword from the text. If you have the same copy as me, then the page numbers I have provided should make it easy to find the parts of the text that the questions relate to.

Monday, July 19

Hi all, seeing as you should all be ready for your debates, it makes sense that we move on to The Outsiders (for now) and finish the debates when back at school.

Your tasks for Monday and Tuesday:

1) Research the social and political context of the time that the book was set: the 1950s in the United States of America (in other words, what important things were happening in America, and what was life like for the different types of people? What is important to know in order to best understand the book?).

Write your findings out, either in paragraph/s, or as a series of dot-points.

Hack: if you can't find the information yourself, you could just search for "The Outsiders Context"  - this will probably give you more than enough.



2) Research and read one or more biographies of Susan Eloise Hinton.



I believe I might give you guys a quiz on the life of S.E. Hinton and the context of the book on Friday - so read and be prepared!


Hope to see you all very soon!