Week 8 

Hi Class 10, I'm not going to give you too much work today. Looking forward to seeing you all at school next week! :)
Have a good long weekend.

Thursday Power Point.

More rain rain go away...!


No video of me today, but a couple of links to follow in the power point.

Good Luck :)

Wednesday PP

So it looks like that low is going to move on shortly and we'll have another high... but (spoiler alert), I looked at the 4 day charts and the low just keeps circling around and doesn't move on! More rain...


Good Morning Class 10. Thank you to those who have responded about the traditional weather forecasting, I will talk about that some more tomorrow.

You can see that there are two different heights of cloud from school today. The higher ones I think would be altostratus, and the lower ones maybe stratocumulus, sitting on the hills.

Tuesday Power Point

Hello Class 10, I hope you had a lovely weekend. See below for my first attempt at a video, and there is another one for after the Power Point. They seemed to work ok, except for a slight delay in the lip-sync! Please let me know if you are not able to access them. 

A much stronger cold front and low pressure system coming across now! This from the paper today:
"The first big cold front of winter will whip up dust, dump hail and snow, and send the mercury tumbling before developing into a rain band."
Monday Power Point

Please take notes on the Tides 

Friday: Apologies class 10, I have just made a correction to the information about the moon cycle so if you have already looked at/listened to that slide please go back and have another look (you may need to re-open the PP to get the new version). Brain fade! 

Happy Friday everyone.
Here is another cloud photo, this time it is right down in the valley (as it is most mornings in Warburton!)
And today's synoptic chart: you can see that the weak low didn't bring much rain, but more lows are on their way, as is the pattern in winter... so there may be more showers coming soon.
I would love to see any cloud photos that you take too :)
Friday Power Point.
If the links don't 'link' just cut and paste them. 
Hi Class 10, it looks like we're stuck at home for another week which is a shame.
I hope you are all ok and can find some silver linings.
See below for today's Synoptic chart (looks like the low is upon us!) and also some pictures of clouds that I took today- can you guess what type they are after today's lesson?
I have included an extra PP with some very unusual types of clouds, check them out too. I remember seeing some "Kelvin-Helmholtz" clouds at school one day.

Thursday Power Point

Interesting clouds...


Hello Class 10,

We can see that low getting closer to us, probably bringing a bit of rain/showers over the next few days...

Please see below for today's Power Point, and let me know if you need anything :)


Wednesday PP


Good Morning Class 10. 

It sounds like most people were able to access the Power Point yesterday which is great. If you have specific tech issues it's probably best to speak to Trish, as I'm not that great with tech.

Hopefully the work is easy enough to understand, let me know if there is any confusion about what to do.

I will continue to add work to this page, older posts and documents will be below if you need to refer to them again later.

Have fun :)

Tuesday Power Point

Just for your interest this is the synoptic chart for Tuesday- you can see that weak low pressure system/trough moving towards us.


Hello Class 10!

I'm sorry you are not away on camp, you must be very disappointed. 

It feels strange to start this Main Lesson now, without really meeting you properly but hopefully I can get to know you all better when we are back at school.

This Main Lesson is called "The Earth in Movement" and it is one of my favourite main lessons so I hope you enjoy it.

For the next four days I will mostly post Power Point presentations (see below), as that seems to be the easiest way to combine images and audio. Most slides will have a 'speaker' icon so click on that to hear the relevant information and instructions. Speaking these recordings is not in my comfort zone so bear with me!

If you have any questions or issues please email me

Good luck and I hope to see you Friday.

Let not your present geographical boundaries

set the parameters of your aspirations

let your insatiable desire

be your passport to the 


I thought this verse was particularly relevant this week!

Monday PP